Arrestatie genezer kinderen in Samoa na mazelenuitbraak

Edwin Tamasese is vannacht gearresteerd. Edwin is een medisch behandelaar op Samoa die kinderen hielp herstellen van mazelen met oa. vit C en A en andere supplementen. Ik heb een brief geschreven aan de Samoa Politie met het verzoek Edwin per direct vrij te laten om zijn werk te kunnen vervolgen. Ik verzoek jullie dit ook te doen via de link. Je kunt deze brief gebruiken of zelf iets schrijven. Adres gegevens van de Samoa politie is onderaan de brief te vinden. Ramon gaat ze bellen.

Ik zal de Nederlandse vertaling van de brief in de reacties zetten.

Samoan Police: How can we help?

Commissioner of Police Fuiavaili’ili Egon Keil,

You can start by releasing Edwin Tamases. Then you can kick the corrupt as hell UN/WHO/CDC out of your country along with any other elements of the medical mafia whom are trying to poison your people.

You must stop this mass immunization program; it is genocide; no matter how you look at it this is the wrong action to take for both the short and long term health of your people.

Vaccinating a person with the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella live virus) while he is battling measles goes against all common sense and medical protocol. Especially when these people have a poor nutritional status.

I had the measles and recovered and as a result have lifelong immunity which I passed on to my children for the first year while they were breastfed.

I was given proper care and nutritional support like the protocol Edwin Tamasese and many parents and practitioners around the world, was/are delivering to thousands of children who recovered.

In Europe in 2006-2007 there were 12,132 cases of measles, and only 7 deaths.

In Samoa there are 3,700 cases and almost 60 deaths. That is 40 times higher!

I repeat: you need to stop the forced mass immunization campaign…it is not going to prevent this epidemic as it is being spread by the vaccines.

Your people, your children are being used by a corrupt pharmaceutical complex to create fear around the world and force people into submission. There is a global awakening to the corruption of this medical establishment and YOU, Samoan Police Force have an opportunity to make history by opposing forced injection and protect medical freedom and the right to bodily integrity.

Protect your children and protect your future. You are warriors.

Samoa Police Service Headquarters

Ififi St., Apia, Samoa

Telefoon: 00 685-22222

Geschreven door,

Renate Lindeman